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WHO: The Characters

Perpetrators: The people who have power and control and use it to cause discomfort, physically or psychologically. They are directly involved and are held responsible for the consequences of a hazing.

Bystanders: Those who are observing but not actively participating in the actions taken by the perpetrators. Bystanders, as a group, have the power to increase or decrease the degree of aggression perpetrated against victims. Bystanders are effected by and responsible for hazings.

Victims: Those with least status who are receiving the hazing, or who are the targets as defined by the particular traditions.

Supervisors: Those who are supposed to be supervising the activities of the group. These people have been given responsibility by an authority to be "in charge."

Administration: The higher authority that is responsible for choosing the supervisors and for allowing the group to exist. These people are typically considered legally responsible even if they knew nothing about the event.

Community: The larger group, such as a town, in which the hazing has occurred. The community also has a responsibility to demand appropriate controls from the administration.