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Boston University Fraternity Shut Down After Second Police Probe of Hazing Incident
April 12, 2012
Jose Moreno Jr.
Criminal complaints filed against 14 Boston University suspected of participating in hazing rituals caused the national fraternity board of directors to shut down the B.U. chapter.

Boston Police are currently investigating a hazing incident, which took place in the Alpha Epsilon Pi house at Boston University. The hazing incident was discovered early Monday morning by Boston Police who were responding to a complaint made by neighbors near by. According to ABC News, whenBoston University officials shut down fraternity after hazing incident police entered the Alpha Epsilon Pi house, they found five pledges dressed only in their underwear standing in the basement, with their hands taped behind their backs, kneeling on the basement floor. The men where covered in chili sauce, coffee ground, honey, mustard, and various other food ingredients

Officers who were at the scene notified the Boston University Police, who arrived at the scene to interview the victims and suspects. According to police reports, none of the suspects would explain why they had their hands tied in the basement on the fraternity house. Other items found in the house included a keg of beer and multiple cups on beer, which contained sardines.                                                               

Investigators are looking to charge most if not all of the Boston University students who took part in the hazing ritual. On the Boston University web site, Rich Barlow writes that the same fraternity who has no affiliation with the school was involved in yet another hazing incident in March with the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. The Huffington Post is reporting that at the time, three intoxicated female students were picked up from the street by first responders. Police believed the women were forced to drink by older members of the sorority as part of the hazing ritual.

Boston University spokesperson Colin Riley told the Boston Globe the unofficial fraternity will appear before the schools judicial board. In a statement, Kenneth Elmore, Boston University's Dean on students said, "If these allegations are true, I think those students should expect they will not be students at BU."

The 14 suspects involved in the incident will likely be faced with complaints of hazing, failure to report hazing and assault and battery.

Boston Police say the investigation is ongoing. The 14 suspects are due in court May 7.

Photo by Lisa Padilla

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