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Hazing Archive

The following list of annotated hazing incidents has been prepared by Karen Savoy, executive director of Mothers Against School Hazing, ( MASH.) Information was gathered from various sources. Other hazings that were reported to Ms. Savoy or Dr. Lipkins, personally, were not included in the descriptions. Therefore, the number of hazings enclosed remains an underestimation of the true amount of hazardous hazings that have occurred.

Special thanks to Mr. Hank Nuwer for providing some of the information found below. Original sources include those on the Hazing Law page www.hazinglaw.com as well as on www.hazing.hanknuwer.com

Reported Hazing Incidents: Thousands of hazings go unreported every year. Below is a list of reported hazings known to MASH, Mothers Against School Hazing as reported to MASH and/or found in publications. Some of the reported incidents are pending investigation.

*High School
**College / University / Technology / Trade
****Private Organization / Recreational Sports


The list for 2005 is incomplete. Other hazing in 2005 may have occurred but not be reported herein.

**2005 Atlanta Georgia University Raymond McKoy said he was beaten and hazed as a pledge, a former Emory University student has filed a civil lawsuit against a fraternity and several former members.

**2005 College Hanover, New Hampshire Hanover police said the provocative dance some female students were required to perform for fraternity brothers at Dartmouth College last month did not constitute hazing. Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone said Monday that the Grafton County Attorney's Office concluded that the evidence did not support a criminal charge. Giaccone said some sorority pledges were required to dance for fraternity brothers, but there was no nudity or touching. He said to support a hazing charge, prosecutors would have had to show the activity was likely to, or would be perceived by a reasonable person as likely to cause physical or psychological harm to anyone involved.

**2005 University of Indiana Vejar provided the university with a two-hour audiotape of the alleged hazing as well as a 12-page report detailing his activities while he was a pledge.

**2005 University Illinois Northwestern's chapter of Phi Delta Theta was suspended as a result of inappropriate behavior described in a Jan. 9 New York Times Magazine article, an official at the fraternity's general headquarters confirmed Wednesday.

**2005 University Arizona An ASU fraternity under investigation for hazing will be allowed to continue operations this semester, but its charter will be suspended. Kappa Sigma's charter was withdrawn in October when a member of the fraternity was found vomiting into a garbage can because of consumption of significant amounts of milk. Mic Wilson, executive director of Kappa Sigma's national office, said the board decided the activity was not considered hazing, since it was a voluntary act that did not involve any fraternity pledges.

*2005 High School Tennessee Spring Hill (Tenn) A Maury County judge has ruled that two Spring Hill High School football players are guilty of assault, but not raping a teammate. Juvenile Court Judge George Lovell said the incident was not a sexual offense, but was about power and control and trying to humiliate someone else. Four players involved in the incident with a 14-year-old teammate had been charged with rape and conspiracy to commit rape. Kelvin Burns and Tim Moore stood trial on the charges Friday. Chris Brown and Chris Oliver pleaded guilty to reduced charges. All four players and the victim testified the boy was held on the floor while he struggled in front of as many as 20 other players. Burns and Moore will be sentenced February 15th. The two others received probation.

**2005 University California The Chico fraternity where a teenage student was found unconscious last week with a potentially-fatal level of alcohol in his blood is on temporary suspension pending investigation by the Chico Police Department. According to police, Richard Amador was rushed from the Sigma Chi fraternity house on Fourth and Ivy streets to Enloe Medical Center at about 8 p.m. Thursday, where he was placed on life support and determined to have a .496 blood alcohol

**2005 University South Carolina Winthrop University police will not file charges against fraternity members suspected of requiring pledges to take part in hazing rituals, school officials said Friday. But at least 12 members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house could still be punished under the school's student conduct code, with penalties ranging from reprimands to expulsion, according to university spokeswoman Judy Longshaw. Winthrop officials say members required the five pledges to submit to physical endurance tests, prolonged sleep deprivation, verbal abuse, psychological intimidation and shoving during the fall semester before they could become part of the fraternity. No one was hurt, but the school said it took action after finding the rituals interfered with the students' academic demands and posed a threat to their health level.

**2005 University California State University 21-year-old Matthew William Carrington was participating in a pledge event that involved physical activity and drinking large quantities of water. Some cases of water intoxication can cause brain tissues to swell, which may lead to a seizure, coma or death. (Unauthorized fraternity)

*2005 High School Saginaw (MI). Saginaw High School has suspended its band director and postponed band concerts while it investigates a charge of hazing. The investigation began last week after the mother of a freshman told school officials that a senior forced her son to do push-ups and hold a drum over his head because he left his drum sticks at home. The woman said she took her son to the hospital and X-rays showed a fracture near his left elbow..

*2005 Bradenton, Florida High School wrestlers in hazing incident may face criminal charges. Five high school wrestlers are may be expelled and some may face criminal charges in connection with alleged hazing this week. School officials are investigating the role of the Deltona High School wrestling coach in a hazing incident that has resulted in three students injured.

**2005 University Fraternity Investigated For Hazing Charlotte (NC) They're investigating reports of hazing at Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The fraternity has already been kicked off campus. Some members could face criminal charges.

**2005 University Lafayette (LA) The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has shut down another fraternity accused of a hazing incident, bringing to three the number of fraternities banned from campus in the past year. The Sigma Nu fraternity has been banned until 2008. The alleged hazing incident happened in mid-December. The college says investigators also found the fraternity violating university policies to safeguard against hazing. The fraternity allegedly served alcohol at functions without permission, which is against school rules.

*2005 High School Hazing incident at McDowell (NC) Two co-captains of the McDowell wresting team admit their teammates hazed three younger classmen wrestlers. Five upper classmen wrestlers - four of whom still remain on the team, were punished by school officials for hazing three freshmen wrestlers, on January 7th or 8th. The hazing incident involved an act, called tea bagging, and occurred after wrestling practice inside the school.

**2005 University Florida The girl's soccer player suffered a brain injury when teammates tried to dunk her in a toilet, they say. A 15-year-old player on Bishop Moore High School's girl's soccer team was dropped on her head and injured as part of a hazing incident.

*****2005 Military Suits allege cadets suffered abusive hazing at Lyman Ward Birmingham, AL ... cadets -- some as young as 10 years old -- have been subjected to physical, mental or verbal abuse by older classmates and adults during hazing at Lyman Ward

*2005 High School Donna High School (Texas) Two student athletes accused of sexually assaulting freshman football players were arrested Wednesday. Donna police reports show that Leal and Magallanes were among a group of senior students who allegedly took freshman players into the locker room showers, where the freshmen suffered hazing involving sexual assault.

*2005 High School NYMA cadet alleged "brutal hazing. Lawyers for the mother of a 15-year-old from Easton, Pennsylvania have filed a $15 million lawsuit seeking punitive and compensatory damages against the New York Military Academy in Cornwall. The other, Karen Sawyer, alleges that her son was subjected to months of "brutal hazing" at the school and that the so-called ringleaders of the physical and psychological abuse was a senior student at the school. The lawyers said they have proof of a long history of hazing at NYMA and know of other students who have been hazed but are "too fearful to come forward."

**2005 University (Louisiana) Lafayette looks into lacrosse team party. Lafayette College officials have launched an investigation into whether hazing occurred at a women's lacrosse team party that ended with a student in the hospital, athletic department officials said.

**2005 North Carolina State TKE under hazing investigation Posted: 03.01.2005 Rebecca Heslin Greek Life is investigating Tau Kappa Epsilon for allegedly hazing members of its fraternity early Sunday morning, according to University officials. Although Tim Luckadoo, associate vice chancellor of student affairs, said he could not divulge the details he received about the incident, he stated "it's a story that's very different than anything we've ever heard." According to Luckadoo, Director of Greek Life John Mountz was on campus early Sunday morning investigating the incident and notified him. Jason Rebucci, president of TKE, said there was originally a branch of the police involved in the off-campus incident before Campus Police were notified. (WRL.com)

**2005 Texas at Texas Lutheran University Former TLU Frat Investigated for Hazing LAST UPDATE: 3/1/2005 6:19:22 PM Posted By: Walker Robinson An ongoing investigation into hazing by a fraternity at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin resulted in the arrest of a 19-year-old student over the weekend, and News 4 WOAI learned Tuesday more arrests are possible. A TLU student developed alcohol poisoning during a possible hazing incident at a fraternity house, officials said. Nineteen-year-old Marcus Pias surrendered to Guadalupe County officials and has been charged with deadly conduct and furnishing alcohol to a minor in connection with the incident.